Some scripts made by conversing with ChatGPT with only some minor manual adjustments
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Scripts written with the help of ChatGPT

This repo contains some scripts made using the help of ChatGPT. The idea is that the basic structure of the script was generated by ChatGPT and then I made some minor modifications to the code he gave.

  • pdfcompress

    A utility that uses convert to render each page of a PDF to a JPEG image with adjustable quality and then merges them back into a single document.

    With the verbose option this will also print processing information and the estimated remaining time.

  • pdfcompress2

    Variant of the previous command that uses poppler utils and gs instead of convert that is old and buggy (this was acually manually modified)

  • hash2addr

    Outputs a randomly generated IP address and port number based on the MD5 hash of the input string.


$ ln -svf $(pwd)/bin/* ~/.local/bin/