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Algebraic Multigrid Package based on PSBLAS (Parallel Sparse BLAS version 3.8)

Salvatore Filippone (University of Rome Tor Vergata and IAC-CNR) Pasqua D'Ambra (IAC-CNR, Naples, IT) Fabio Durastante (IAC-CNR, Naples, IT)

AMG4PSBLAS is a package of Algebraic MultiGrid (AMG) preconditioners for the iterative solution of large and sparse linear systems.

It is an evolution of MLD2P4 (see LICENSE.MLD2P4), but it has been thoroughly reworked, and it is sufficiently different to warrant a new project name.


P. D'Ambra, D. di Serafino, S. Filippone, MLD2P4: a Package of Parallel Algebraic Multilevel Domain Decomposition Preconditioners in Fortran 95, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 37 (3), 2010, art. 30, doi: 10.1145/1824801.1824808.


  1. Unpack the tar file in a directory of your choice (preferrably outside the main PSBLAS directory).
  2. run configure --with-psblas= adding the options for MUMPS, SuperLU, SuperLU_Dist, UMFPACK as desired. See MLD2P4 User's and Reference Guide (Section 3) for details.
  3. Tweak if you are not satisfied.
  4. make;
  5. Go into the test subdirectory and build the examples of your choice.
  6. (if desired): make install


  • The single precision version is supported only by MUMPS and SuperLU; thus, even if you specify at configure time to use UMFPACK or SuperLU_Dist, the corresponding preconditioner options will be available only from the double precision version.

The AMG4PSBLAS team.

Salvatore Filippone Pasqua D'Ambra Fabio Durastante